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This is an archive of the Message from the Head Admin.

2013[edit source]

November 3[edit source]

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Welcome to opening day at Pikafanon's new domain! I am your Head Administrator, Ten Tailed Fox: the founder of both the original Pikafanon and this Pikafanon. This message, on opening day, or should I say re-opening day, is to remind users both old and new that this wiki still has some steps to take to ensure it is at optimal working conditions. Templates are being imported for use, so make sure to use only the official templates on this wiki, and not drag in some of the old ones from the Wikia-version of Pikafanon. That being said, you can begin importing your old articles/images to this wiki immediately, assuming they fit with the policies laid out. Remember, this wiki's goal is to create a fun, Pokémon-loving environment, for both roleplayers and fanfiction writers. In the coming days and weeks, I will be working to put together a skeleton staff to run various aspects of the site, so please pay attention to updates regarding that. Otherwise, happy camping, and welcome to Pikafanon 2.0!