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Pikafanon policies, in general, are statements issued by the wiki that have varying scope and power. They fall into four categories:

  • Policies - these are strongly binding recommendations and can be considered law.
  • Guidelines - these are non-binding recommendations for administrators and users.
  • Processes - these outline formal processes on Pikafanon, such as dispute resolution.
  • Statements - these are official statements on things such as fair use.

Policies[edit source]

Blocking Policy[edit source]

Main article: Pika Fanon:Blocking policy

A summary of the offenses which can lead to blocking include but are not limited to:

  • Vandalism
  • Malicious page editing
  • Link hijacking
  • Spamming
  • Edit or revert wars
  • Advertising
  • Avoiding blocks through sockpuppets or proxy IPs
  • Violations of other policies

Userspace Policy[edit source]

Main article: Pika Fanon:Userspace policy

The userspace policy outlines the limitations on userpage edits on the wiki, as well as what content is and is not acceptable in a user's own userpage on the wiki.

Edicts[edit source]

Main article: Pika Fanon:List of edicts

Edicts are the final say on specific issues, and may be issued by the editorial board. They are completely binding; ignoring them carries severe consequences, which may include a block.

Appeals to have an edict rescinded or modified may be addressed to the editorial board.

Guidelines[edit source]

Manual of style[edit source]

Main article: Pika Fanon:Manual of style

The Pikafanon manual of style dictates the conventions and rules for writing used on this wiki. It outlines the rules on names, titles, redirects, writing style, usage, etc.