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This article is an official guideline on Pikafanon.

Its contents are a strong recommendation for users and administrators alike.

The Pokémon of the Month Contest takes place monthly, along with the Pokémon of the Month series. This contest is for the users, whereas deciding the Pokémon of the Month is up to the editorial board.

The editorial board reserves the right to amend this article if the need is present.

How do I enter?[edit source]

That's easy. Each month, this site features a Pokémon on the main page. For those users who partake in Fanfiction and Roleplaying, if you were to feature that Pokémon in some way, shape, or form, in your story, you could then register for this contest.

Now, what do we mean by feature?

To feature doesn't mean just to have a passing mention of the Pokémon in question. The following list is what this guide defines as a feature:

  • Have the Pokémon be central to the plot of one of your roleplays or in one of your chapters for your story.
  • Have your main character, or another major character in your works, catch this Pokémon during a roleplay or a story.
  • Have this Pokémon be the main antagonist, such as a Gym Leader's main Pokémon, or a prominent Pokémon on an enemy team, during a story or a roleplay.

Any of these is considered featuring the Pokémon of the Month.

Where do I enter?[edit source]

To enter the competition, simply visit here and sign up in the proper location, making sure to follow any additional instructions on the page.

How do I win?[edit source]

At the end of the month, the Editorial Board will read through the submitted articles and decide the best one from among the pick. That article will then be put to a vote among the Board, and the article with the most votes gets the win.

What do I get if I win?[edit source]

You receive two things if you win the contest.

  1. You will be mentioned alongside the following month's Pokémon of the Month as the winner, and your story/roleplay will be featured on the main page.
  2. You will be allowed to place the {{PotM Contest Ribbon}} on your user page, letting everyone know you have won the contest.

Ok, so I've won one, can I win again?[edit source]

Yes, you can win again, but there are some stipulations. You see, it would get boring if the same person won the competition over and over again, so, if you win the Contest, you are prohibited for entering again for six months. Once that six months is up, you are free to enter a second time, third time, etc.