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About Me[edit]

The name's Steven-Kun, or preferably just Steven. I like to write and role-play for a hobby and these particular interests have brought me to wikia. I was an frequent editor on the first version of Pikafanon and decided to migrate to the current iteration to continue my work. I am a longtime fan of Pokémon, having brought my first game - Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Gameboy - after I graduated first grade. Afterwards, I continued to play Pokémon with my first main series games being that of Gold and Silver. I've only ever completely played two Pokémon games in my life - the first being Pokemon Crystal and the second being FireRed. I have played every game in the main series excluding X & Y at least once. My favorite region is that of Johto as it is essentially where my "adventure" started, my favorite Pokémon is Houndoom, and favorite types are fire and electric.

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