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Pokémon — Everlasting Wonders
Season Original Series
Everlasting Wonders Logo.png
Series logo.
Opening Pokémon Theme
Episodes 1
(Wherever the Wind Takes Me - present)
Region Hora
Series Everlasting Wonders series
Preceded by None
Followed by Unannounced

Pokémon — Everlasting Wonders, often shortened to Everlasting Wonders, is a fanon Pokémon series that utilizes both the anime and games as source material. It follows the adventures of Ferdinand Trotter - an ambitous Pokémon Trainer who aspires to both travel the entire world and win a championship. The first two seasons of the series takes place in the fan-made region of Hora while later seasons expand to other regions, starting with Hoenn in season three.



The main characters of the series. They usually appear in every episode and are the focal point.


These characters oppose the protagonists and are usually up to no good - interfering often along their adventures with their nefarious schemes.


These characters, at some point during the series, have been engaged in a competitive rivalry with one of the protagonists and are featured frequently in such a light.

Reoccurring Characters[edit]

These characters appear often throughout the course of the series in varying roles.

Episode Guide[edit]

Season One - Hora League[edit]

  • Departure arc (EW001 - ???)
  • Badge Collection arc (??? - ???)

Season Two - Tropi Archipelago Adventures[edit]

Season Three - Hoenn League[edit]